Touchless Car Cover

Driving in and out of your Touchless Car Cover
…as easy to do as working your automatic garage door

One of the most important reasons for the Touchless Car Cover to exist and the biggest reason for its development besides an updated way to protect your vehicle, is the ease of use and the ability to drive in and out of its protective form.

This allows protection in a way the old fashioned covers cannot match. No dirt from a dirty cover on you or your car.

1. 30 or 40 feet of inexpensive nylon cord or rope
2. 1 molly if ceiling is drywall
3. 1 screw eye with ½” or larger diameter opening

These few items are commonly in your home or can be obtained from your local hardware store for a couple of dollars.

Let’s start with the cover on the car as shown above. Some cars need no straps or hooks attached to the car whatsoever. Others may want just the front strap (the one that goes from side to side in front of the front wheels) buckled.


Simply bring the rear skirt up to the buckle at the top, as shown below


Pull the cord which is running from the rear buckle through the screw eye and attach to something in your garage forward of the car which will grab the rope. This can be a cleat, a clamp or anything you can wrap the cord to. See the following pictures, which are worth more than 1000 words.



The Touchless Car Cover should be cocked up at an angle allowing you to drive out.

Since all car/garage combinations are not the same the screw eye location will vary slightly. Generally you want it located in the ceiling about the front edge of the Touchless Car Cover.

Upon returning to the garage, nose the car gently into the front portion of the Touchless Car Cover. Exit the car and release the nylon rope and rear skirt. That’s it. Car is covered for the evening.

It takes only a few minutes and worst-case one tool. Your aunts’ screwdriver will work nicely. It will work in most any garage as long as you have about 7 to 8 feet of ceiling height. You can change the angle of the cover movement by changing the location of the screw eye.

In most cases it is not necessary to use any of the strapping or buckles. If you elect to not use them you will find using two 10 lb dumbbells, one on each side of the cover, most helpful in keeping the Touchless Car Cover in place and in shape. It’s also easy to nudge the dumbbell against the side of the Touchless Car Cover with the toe of your shoe. Any 10 lb weight will do. If you buy dumbbells be sure to buy the ones with the ends that are not round.


Driving in and out of your Touchless Car Cover

Touchless Car Cover